Privacy statement

Privacy statement 24.5.2018

Osmontie 34,
00610 Helsinki
Business ID: 2412998-4
p. +358 50-352 2019

We collect personal details in order to take care of our customer relationships. The legal basis of processing personal details is the contract between us and the customer, and the statutory obligations resulting from that. Handing in personal details is a prerequisite for a contract to be made. In other words, you cannot order products from our web shop without giving us your personal details.

We also collect personal details for marketing. The legal basis of this is an agreement.

We do not do profiling or make automatic decisions concerning you.

Receiving your personal details:

  • our company and its employees
  • the payment supplier, that receives your payment
  • the transportation company, that delivers the product to you
  • the accounting company, that enters the order to our accounting
  • the accountant, who checks our accounting
  • the IT company, that maintains our website

We keep your personal details:

  • in our web shop for five years
  • in our e-mail archive for seven years
  • in our accounting material for seven years

You have the following rights:

  • the right to check your personal details
  • the right to correct your personal details
  • the right to limit the processing of your personal details (forbid marketing for example)
  • the right to oppose the processing
  • the right to cancel an agreement (for marketing for example)
  • the right to make an appeal to the controlling authority

Please note that you have “the right to become forgotten” only, if we do not have statutory obligations to continue processing your personal details.