A dining table, a crafts table, a desk, a general-purpose table. This table has a practical rotating middle part. All the food and the equipment can be moved around lightly and effortlessly, so that everybody around the table can reach them. This feature provides new possibilities for setting the table. The Yhdessä table is sophisticatedly delicate and fits well even with a very demanding decor.

The table has been made out of high-quality materials and designed to serve you long. High-quality bearings provide a light and a silent rotation. The middle part carries heavy loads too.

The table has a protection of designs.


Prices (home delivered in Finland)
140cm 2490€ (incl.vat 24%)
150cm 2690€ (incl.vat 24%)



• The outer ring of the table is either 140 cm or 150 cm in diameter
• The middle part is 76 cm in a 140 cm table, and 86 cm in a 150 cm table
• The depth of the outer ring is 32cm
• The frame and the leg are powder painted aluminium and steel
• The table top is white compact laminate
• Height 72 cm
• The thickness of the table top is 10 mm
• Colour white, the edges of the table top are black